Thursday, August 28, 2008

WHEW! Back home.

After a loooong day on the open road, we're home again.

Not only are WE home, our puppeh is home too! We made a quick detour to North Hollywood on the way back and picked Kelsey up from the boarder. She was VERY happy to see us and enjoyed the car ride home in the back seat with her big brother!

And now... LAUNDRY AWAITS!!!


Kate said...

She's back!!!

Puttin' the a-l in "laundry" said...

Wash loads are the perfect bookends to any successful vaca roadtrip...or so I'm told! ;-)
(Ya turn everything pink two or three times, and you're banned from the laundry room - what's up with that??) :-P

ANYway, welcome back, and kudos on your splendid trip!

manxlass said...

And how did Kelsey, you know, *do*?

Lindsay d. said...

So glad you are home safe and had a blast with the Fam. . .

Your creeps missed you!

:) Linds