Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Huntington Dog Beach

Yesterday, we decided to take Kelsey to a dog beach Brian had read about. It's in Huntington Beach, and is called, oddly enough, Huntington Dog Beach.

It was AMAZING. Off-leash dogs, running around like maniacs, taking flying leaps into the water... and our Kelsey was among them. She was BESIDE herself. This was a far cry from the Kelsey who was petrified of the ocean when she was a baby! This time she flung herself in and we all discovered that she can SWIM, just like the good Lab that she is.

In some of these pix, she's wearing her gentle leader nose harness, because Mommy has trouble controlling her while Dad is gone (which he was for a time, getting all our stuff from the van). She spent most of the time off-leash, in the water with her big brother.

A great time was had by all!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

House painting!

We often have trouble getting work done on our house. But having it painted is EASY! We already had a contractor we liked (Carpintieri Painting of Granada Hills), so it was just a matter of ringin' 'em up and having them come do it! Ahhh... If only all home improvement stuff was THIS easy...

I'll have "after" photos soon!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

More results from the photoshoot!

O, Sweet Gina Lee... that I had the talent in my baby feener that you have in your FABU little bod... Thank you again! You too, Miss Jenny!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

PCC Flea Market

We went to the flea market today at Pasadena City College.

This has long been our favorite flea market; it just has great vendors, the prices are pretty fair (unlike at the Rose Bowl flea), and it's big without being unmanageable. Plus, they have a gnarly record section that Mr. Siegel *adores*.

We give The Boy his own spending money, and he always finds some cool tchotchke to purchase.

I myself got 3 skeins of yarn for $ .75 each, some butterfly earrings for a buck, and a red/white/blue rhinestone American flag ring for $2.50 (I'm gonna rock that bling on 4th of July)!

If you scroll down to the last photo here, you'll see Mr. Siegel eyeing what turned out to be his big purchase of the day...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

15 Years at CSUN

My actual 15-year anniversary at work is not until December. But they celebrate everyone's anniversaries (on the 5-year marks) in June.

I like working here. It's nice. The people are really lovely, and it provides great flexibility for a mom! It's also been cool learning the ins-and-outs of library work.

The best part of all is probably the fact that I get to listen to music all day if I want!

I feel SUPER lucky.

Thanks go to longtime peep Margaret, for telling me, back in '94, "you should apply for this job in the Library!" and to Donna, for hiring my lame ass. :-) xoxoxoxo

(More) Slip-slidin' away...

It's really amazing to me, the difference a great camera makes.

This one was taken with Bri's digital Rebel XTi.

More to see over on Flickr!