Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fishin' on Gull Lake

Today, we went fishin'! It was a ton of fun, even tho I freakin' *hate* fish. LOL! The boys actually did the fishing, I just laid there in the sun. It was a ridiculously beautiful day, as you can see. The boys spent alot of time perfecting their casting-off technique, and it paid off -- the fish really started nibblin'! They even caught a couple -- one fish per boy -- but they were too small to keep. One of the fish got dangerously close to me while it squirmed about on the fishing line, and I, of course, screamed bloody murder. It was looking at me with one eyeball, mouth agape. Blech!

Y'know what else is pretty cool??? I'm taking all these blog pix with my CELLFONE! Can you believe that?! My new fone take such awesome pix!


the mpls nancy said...

Impressive pics, K8!

Can hardly believe that's from your new fancy phone!


the mpls nancy said...


i should have said...



not bad for 'a long time reader, first time commenter'.
can you guess who needs some sleep??
sorry K8...and goodnight!!

Gill Banter Al said...

Screamin' bloody murder! No wonder the boys didn't catch more fish! They (the fishies, not the boys) probably thought, "I'm not going up there, some crazy woman's about!" Come to think of it, the boys probably thought something along the same lines... ;-)

Christa said...

Kate's scared of fish, Kate's scared of fish!

You wuss!


DonnaL said...

Are you gonna sock me if I get that smitchick phone too?!?! Man, those pics are scary-beautiful!

All my bestest things are copycaters from Katerz!

Uncle Zeke said...

Boy, is that some killer ski run in the background of the bottom picture?? It looks like it's time for me to leave Utah, and head for the REAL SNOW!! Woohoo!!!

Wanna hear a true story? When I was a lad, I used to nearly cry, thinking of the dying fish, when my dad would bring in 15-30 each night out. He used to play his portable 8 track player, and he had one that had the song used for "Masterpiece Theater". I used to get really emotional, with the beautiful music, and the recently departed fish. :-( Silly me.