Sunday, August 24, 2008

Live Blog From The Eastern Sierras!

Well, okay, I guess technically this can't be a "live blog". I guess for it to be a live blog, I'd hafta have been typing this as it occurred, which I'm not. However, I *am* at the kitchen table of our lodge/motel room in June Lake on Day 1 of our vacation, so that's pretty close! :-)

Here we see the events which have unfolded thus far:

First, our morning stop at a roadside Starbucks in beautiful Palmdale, CA.

Next we see a typical scene from a long-distance car ride with my young'un, in which he makes his presence known by using my head as a footrest.

And finally, the pies d'resistance (or however you spell that, I don't feel like lookin' it up) -- dining at my favorite restaurant in the region, the fantabulous Tiger Bar! Beer-battered french fries -- YUM-O!

Tomorrow we're going out on Gull Lake to do a little fishin'. That oughtta be interesting...


Lindsay D. said...

I'm laughing my ass off at the Boy's feet by your face- your look is priceless.

I'm back in the Minnie safe and sound- so bummed we couldn't connect. . .

Next time, 'eh?

Hope you guys are having a blast!

Christa said...

"Beautiful Palmdale"???????????


Uncle Zeke said...

What was funny, is that I needed to look at that picture of The Boy's feet THREE FREAKIN' TIMES, before I realized that Ms. Kate wasn't lying back on a pillow!!! A stinky sock pillow, now that's driving in style.

katie j said...

You crack me up - I love all of your Starbucks photos!
And ditto Uncle Zeke... I thought The Boy's feet were a pillow at first too!
Hope you're having a lovely vacation!!