Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vacation Day 4: More Fishin', Plus Dinner in Mammoth

Yesterday, with our many near-misses in the fish-catching department, we were confident that if we went out again today, we'd FOR SURE catch something. Alas, we learned what true fishermen already know: when the fish ain't bitin', THEY AIN'T BITIN'. We came up with bupkis after 3 hours on the lake. So, we went down to Mammoth and drowned our sorrows in some Starbucks. Later, we found some awesome Mexican food at a place called Gomez's.

Still, a bad day fishin'... is better than a good day workin'. :-)


Christa said...

Gomez's looks utterly cute. Was the food good?

And way to rock the Mike's hard lemonade!

manxlass said...

They have Bux at Mammoth??!

Uncle Zeke said...

Those expressions on the Boy's face... man alive, they make this blog one of the best.

leigh in the sav said...

tee-hee - just noticed your mikes hard lemonade in the picture! yummy!