Monday, July 21, 2008


...we went for a hike in Placerita Canyon!

Everyone had a great time!

But wait -- what's this?! That young man doesn't look like HE'S having fun!

Let's take a closer look:

No, indeedy! It turns out young Master Siegel was *not* having a good time. To be fair, it was an unusually buggy day in the canyon. Kelsey loved it, tho! And we got some nice pix.


Christa said...

Hey! I did that hike a few months back. The one to the waterfall. You need to go in the Springtime. Everything was so green!

C in the V

D said...

oh NO! Your poor young un! What TERRIBLE parents you must be to subject him to such an awful experience! Can't wait til my kids are older and I can do that to them! It looks like such fun!! ~ darcie

Uncle Zeke said...

The Boy FROWNING! Hmmm... yep...yep... New Testament... yep... Book of Revelations... yep, skip past the four horseys... yep... I KNEW IT!! A SIGN O' THE TIMES!! "And it shall come to pass, that The Boy will be smitten with sadness, and the smile shall be wiped clean from his face."
Wow. Time for me to start livin' right! Gotta go... time to get the family into the bunker, and bust out the food storage!! Who knows... maybe there is some JIF!!