Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Éireann go Brách

My blog was recently visited by an Irish person! (Or, a person whose ISP resolves to Dublin, anyway.) I'm very excited, what with my maiden name being Flanagan and all. These are my people! Welcome, Irish people!


Sarah said...

Hey Kate! That was indeed me - English, not Irish, but living here in Eire (and with an Irish-born child, if that counts). And yeah, I found your blog through Matt Logelin's - well, kindasorta. Thanks for the post!

Your Gaelige impresses me - way better than mine - we'll be turning to you when the wee ones start learning Irish at school and we have NO IDEA how to help with their homework!

Kate said...

Thanks, Sarah!

My gaelic is courtesy of the internet and the copy/paste function on my computer. I've always been completely confounded by gaelic!

I wish you luck with the schooling of your Irish young'un. Visit anytime!

Uncle Zeke said...

Holy cow! Look how daggum popular you are! Meighan di Breinnan!! That means "daggum" in Gaelic. It's sad that it takes three words to write one word, don't you think?

maureen from the PA said...

Kate-I KNEW you had to be Irish...Its Maureen from the PA (from Matt's site). I happened to click on the link to here and saw this, but just the other day when I was reading about your fam being from the 'burgh (Pittsburgh, that is), I was thinking. Ok, so she is either Polish, Irish or Italian, and with a name like Kate and her dark sense of humor, she HAS to be Irish. LOVE your comments, you always manage to give me a good laugh...Its great when I can find someone who shared the same type of humor as myself, since not everybody gets it....
Hugs from the PA

Kate said...

I hear ya, Maureen! It's so true, not everyone "gets" me, that's for sure. My mom used to call it "a gallow's humor". She certainly had it all over, from her years in the Catholic orphanage in Crafton! We had so many Maureens in my family, I cannot even tell you. Maureens and Bridgets. :-)

Thanks for poppin' into my blog!

K in the N