Friday, July 25, 2008

Modern-day (Video Game) Warriors

Backstage at The Colbert Report, awesome rock band Rush is invited to play one of their own songs on the video game "Rock Band". It's fun to watch them muddle their way thru Tom Sawyer, only to fail! Drummer Neil Peart seems to be treating the faux drum pads like real drums.

I applaud these fine Canadian boys for their good sportsmanship! Particularly Alex the guitarist, who occasionally goes bananas and assaults people when annoyed. (Just kidding, Alex!!! You know I love ya, Man!)


Hawkfeather said...

i am not a fan of rush- not to say I dislike them.. i am just not familiar..
it seems they are Canadian though perhaps?.. no?.. i dunno.
they were on trailer park boys so says wikipedia.

I suppose that doesn't make them Canadian.

BUT i still think there is some universal enjoyment in watching a band try to master their own music via digital entertainment systems. HA

Uncle Zeke said...

This comment ROCKS! Partially because we are talking RUSH, a most definitely Canadian trio of boys, who are apparently only good at playing REAL instruments. And at that, they are some of the best. Even though a friend of mine saw them last year, and he said that Geddy looked like a scrotum. Can I say that here? If not, you know what you can do with this comment. TRASH IT, BABY!

Kate said...

Zekester, you can *totally* say scrotum on my blog. Go for it! Whenever you want! Scrotum scrotum scrotum!