Monday, July 28, 2008

BSG & MST3K at Comic-Con

Hi there, guest blogger fancylad with a Comic-Con update, as promised. Was it crowded? There were thousands of people, pushing and shoving...and that was just at Starbucks!

Speaking of Starbuck, I was at the Battlestar Galactica panel this year. As usual, Katee Sackhoff was the life of the party. She must have been in a hurry to get there, since she obviously missed a few buttons on her blouse.

Jamie Bamber (Apollo) has a surprisingly high-pitched natural speaking voice. Michael Trucco (Anders) just kept talking about how surprised he was that he had a job.

Tricia Helfer (Six) seems pretty down-to-earth, even with her huge mouth of perfect teeth!

Then it was time for a few hours with those rockin' Minnesotans from Mystery Science Theater 3000! There was the reunion panel on Thursday, which I didn't see...but Joel, Trace, and Frank all showed up later to sign autographs and chat up the crowd. Frank's hair has turned white, much like Charlton Heston's in The Ten Commandments.

Then, it was on to RiffTrax Live, with Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy doing a live riff along with the Ed Wood movie Plan Nine From Outer Space. Where's Mike? Could he be behind that center podium, obscured for the whole show? All I see are track shoes???

Oh, there he is. The show was extremely funny...these guys still got it!

So, that's the update. Was this post long enough for you? Because I could make it longer, and talk about even more people you don't know! No? Okay, good bloggin' at you all!


melanie said...

I've always wanted to go to the San Diego Comicon - it sounds like it is crazy but so much fun. Have you ever been to the Alternative Press Expo? ( That's another place I would love to go - living so far away makes it hard thoug.

*melanie from

Lindsay D. said...

Oh my GAWD do I <3 Joel! Soooo jealous! Looks like ComicCon was a blast

Anna in Minneapolis said...

Wow, I didn't know you were a big geek. You hide that side of yourself on Matt's blog. (And I mean big geek in a very nice way.) I love love love Battlestar Galactica, though I'm very, very behind because I don't have cable, so nobody can talk about it around me. Um, 6's teeth look disturbingly white in that picture you posted.

An ex boyfriend once told me that his ex looked like 6. I told him that was high on the list of things you don't tell current girlfriends. Very, very high.

Kate said...

Anna in the MPLS! You gotsta gimme your e-mail addy, girlfriend! I wanna rap with ya, and send you a pic of me at a Sci-Fi convention in a Star Trek outfit. Yes, that's how I roll. Robert Picardo looked me up n'down! I kid you not!

katesiegel at yahoo dot com

Uncle Zeke said...

Man-o-live, I would love to have gone to that. Although I must admit that I have never had the time to commit to Battlestar Galactica... unless you are talking when I was age 11, following Lorne Greene through the galaxy, looking for that heavenly place called Kobol.... wait... no, Earth! Yeah, if it was OUR Earth, he probably would have flipped that Battlestar right around and headed back to... wait... he had nowhere else to go. Anyhow, he could have hung out with Lucifer, whatever the heck HE was. Probably would have made good drinking buddies, even though Lucifer's head was a SERIOUSLY messed up ratio with the rest of his body. But at least your new Galactica has some pretty frakkin' people. That one guy that wondered why he had a job on the show?? Yeah, well if I looked like that, I'd probably have a job on that show. And that's coming from a 100% heterosexual guy.

Hawkfeather said...

the only space man for me.. is now and always will be the Doctor.