Sunday, July 27, 2008

Are Those Thunderbirds In Your Pocket???

My spouse went to ComicCon in San Diego yesterday! He took some awesome photos, met a TV star from the '70s, and brought back a souvie for his missus: this neat sound-effects maker, featuring snippets of dialogue from the old BBC show, 'Thunderbirds'. As you may recall, the show featured crime-fighting marionette brothers, a drunken marionette chauffeur, and bitchen vehicles such as the vertically launched spacecraft (Thunderbird 3) and the submarine (Thunderbird 4). Now I can just press a button on my noisemaker to hear one of the Tracy boys yell out "F-A-B!" or hear Alan Tracy proclaim "Will not require runway -- coming in vertically!"

Perhaps at a later date, my spouse will guest-blog here and share more details of his ComicCon experience!


Sol From Argentina said...

HOLA Kate!
WOWWWW!!!! The Bionic woman was one of my favourite when I was a little kid!!!!...Thunderbird scared me a little bit! they acted like possessed people!!!
maybe it was the spanish translation?!

Re. Starbucks...I have not gone yet.
But I'm planning to go to Buenos Aires (I'm living 1 hour travel by car from Buenos Aires) next Saturday. I will take the opportunity to visit Starbuck. I will let you know my comments.

I've visited your country 4 times
'86 (disneyworld-miami), 91' (Texas-disneyworld), 95' (NY, Niagara Falls & Toronto) & 99' (South Dakota-Minneapolis-Chicago-Boston-NY) and the last three visits I had never missed the opportunity to try cafe au lait and blueberry muffins! Yummy!!!

Have a nice wonderful amazing beautiful day

Kate said...

You are not kidding, Sol! They totally DID look like possessed people! It was hysterical! And the big-giant eyeballs! Too funny.

Have your photo taken outside your Starbucks for me!

Muchos besos!

Chris said...

look at you with a potential guest blogger. you are moving up in the world.

sorry to say this, but i have never heard of thunderbird. i did have a bionic woman doll that had these little flaps on her arm and leg that opened up and showed her bionical power!

fancylad said...

One of my favorite things about Thunderbirds is the exceedingly long, intricate title sequence. It introduces each member of International Rescue, punctuated by lots of camera zooms and explosions. Just when you think it's over...another explosion!

almostfunny said...

Growing up, I watched similar shows, like Supercar, Fireball
XL5, and Stingray, and I must agree that there is something disturbing about them. They are so life like, and yet, eeirily awkward. Possessed, yes, as if some one were pulling their strings...hey, waaait a minute... :-P

Erica said...

ok, i'm going to spill te beans and that i'm not old enough to remember the bionic woman or the thunderbird.

about LEE from Matt's blog, yea she really slipped under the radar. i had to point it out though. i almost hit my laptop when i saw louise's comment today. geez those people (though i suspect they are one in the same) are very very stupid. i feel kind of like a bodyguard for Matt, you know what i mean? we blogger stranger (strikethrough) friends need to stick together and support matt!!

hugs from NJ,