Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gorgeous Day @ The Beach!

Today we spent the day at the beach! We like the strip of beach just south of Zuma. (Not sure what it's called, even tho I've been going there my whole life...) It was a lovely day! E.M. can play in the water for HOURS, it's amazing.

Mom shows off her sexy Gilligan hat! (I love that The Boy is visible frolicking in the background.)

Mom admires a disembodied noggin she came across in the sand. ;-)

Closeup of disembodied noggin:

Mom tries to kiss disembodied noggin:

What would a day at the beach be without an annoying neighbor of some sort?! This was our guy -- we named him Smoky McIphone. He alternated between lighting up Marlboros and calling people on his "awesome new iPhone" to tell them "what a great time he was having".

And finally, we were treated to a bitchen flyover by LA County's finest rotorheads!


manxlass said...

Okay, huge freakin' crush on Smoky McIphone. He is HOT. My man has neither Marlboros nor Iphone, hence the attraction ... ICK!!

cgull said...

Was that an 'Angels' hat Brian was wearing???? For shame. Us Chicago folk are very disappointed!

tracy said...

Dear Kate,

Wow. I'm so honored you visited my blog. I visited yours and now you can claim a visitor from Peru.

Your blog is so much better than mine. I really have to learn more. Also, I have so much more to post but will have to wait until I get home.

Hey, Target is the center of my life when I am home. If you want a little Peruvian flavor I saw some Peruvian pottery in their international section. They have everything!!!

Lindsay D. said...

You kill me- seriously! Great day at the beach- great pic of you smooching Ev in the sand- Gotta love the boys!

Smokey Mc Iphone- BWAAAAAHAA!

Hawkfeather said...

sometimes ya gotta light up to celebrate your new iphone.. and the glorious life you lead.

And sure sometimes you gotta tell others how much fun your having to remind yourself your having fun..nice.

looks like YOU and your lot had fun though..
yay that.

almostfunny said...

Were you at, perhaps, Point Dume State Beach, I wonder???

The last time my family, (with three young 'uns in tow), was at the beach was on the Fourth of July, where we were awaiting the commencement of a fireworks show.

Amid our surprisingly well behaved neighbors was a notable exception, a "gentleman", who, as he got more and more drunk, would periodically quote from Team America, blurting out, "America!! F***, yeah!!!". This, on the heels of a Dodger game we attended where an individual showed up nearby in the 9th inning, apparently for the sole purpose of guiding his team, in a losing cause, with sarcastic advice such as, "That's right! Swing at the first pitch when you're down three runs!!! *expletive deleted*!!!"

I use such people as an example for my kids of don't-let-this-happen-to-you, and to point out how there are better vocabulary choices available when expressing exuberance/frustration, such as, "Awesomely awesome!!", and "Rats and blue blazes!!" :-P

Uncle Zeke said...

I love that The Boy is (a.) called The Boy, and (b.) always smiling. We have a Letter Carrier at work, that ALWAYS smiles. He's called Smiley. Not as charming a name as... say... The Boy... but charming all the same. Lucky you guys, having a beach to frolic on. We have the Great Salt Lake... if'n you like stink, and brine flies.

Jo said...

Hi Kate from the Northridge! I'm super jealous of your gorgeous sandy beaches, we only have ones with pebbles and I'd love to be able to take a barefoot walk along the shoreline! Your cat is beautiful (I had to come and look!)
Keep well, Jo in the UK

DonnaL said...

You SOOOOO Gidget up Zuma!

Go Gidget, go!