Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For cryin' out loud.

So today, I go to Ralphs to get some veggies to go with dinner tonite. I see that they have artichokes on sale, so I grab 3, and a bottle of Bernsteins dressing, and head for the checkout. The guy rings me up, and tells me my total, which is like over $11. I say, "That sounds like an awful lot! How much were the artichokes?!" and he sez "$2.50 each." I reply, "But I thought they were 2 for $5!" The guy just looks at me.

Oy, vey. The lady behind me sez, "Havin' one of those days, are ya?!"


Uncle Zeke said...

So those cute little bears (from the children's books) make that dressing? I guess if the good ol' monks up in Huntsville, Utah, make all that tasty honey, I wouldn't put it past some walkin', talkin' bears to make dressing!
Geez, I loved those books...

Kate said...

Bwahahahahaha! Thanks for commenting, Mr. TheFreak! As you can see, no one else does! :-)