Wednesday, June 30, 2010


People just make me sad.


Kathy said...

((((hugs)))) I'm sorry to hear of your sadness.

Y'know, you and I are about the same age ( I was born in '65 also). Would you be surprised to hear that reading little snippets of your life here on your blog has helped me to start a new chapter in mine?

It's a long story, but reading about you working in a library always makes me sigh and wish I could do that too. It is the one job I can really PICTURE myself doing.

Well, I am going to be volunteering at my local library starting this fall. And I am also going to start a Library and Information Technology Degree at my local community college here in the burbs of Chicago.

A lot of things had to come together to bring me to this point, but one of them was reading your blog and realizing that if Kate can do it than maybe I can too.

leigh in the sav said...

the cake really was (is?) beautiful. shame she didn't see it.