Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day in Leona Valley

It has been a longstanding Siegel-family tradition to go cherry picking on Father's day. Local cherries generally ripen right around mid-June, and only last a few weeks, so the timing is often perfect! We have (non-digitized) photos of a tiny 2-month old Ev sleeping in his baby carrier underneath a cherry tree from Bri's FIRST Father's day outing.

Our favorite place to go is the Leona Valley, near Palmdale. There are MANY farms, so if you go, don't stop at that first big GIANT place you see when you drive into town. Instead, explore the little side streets. Here, you'll find the small family farms. They'll hand you a bucket and tell you to have at it!

We chose Bright Ranch this year. It was LOVELY. Everyone was so nice, and the fruit is the most delicious we've had in YEARS.

GET THEE OUT TO THE LEONA VALLEY and pick yerselves some cherries!

View more pix here.

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