Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Pony Wall.

The Pony Wall. Is it real? Does it exist? Or is it folktale, myth, urban legend?

Those who have been in my house -- all 5 of you -- have heard tales of a "pony wall". But no one has ever seen it. Normally, people just see a big pile of Stuff, rising up out of nowhere.

Until now.

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you, the Siegel House Pony Wall. Never before viewed by the naked eye.


manxlass said...

OMG, when did you guys put *that* in? BWAHAHAHA!

Jessica Seuss said...

I'm not sure I know what a "pony wall" is? Sounds like something dirty.

Anonymous said...

Need a "before" picture to fully appreciate the transformation.