Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Kid You Not.

For dinner tonight, People, I had:

1 McDonald's Filet O'Fish sandwich

Large Fries

2 glasses Alto Moncayo Garnacha

Now, that may not seem so strange at first glance. Red wine with fish? Not everyone's first choice, but not unheard of, either.

But... a $50 BOTTLE OF 93-pt. GRENACHE... with McDONALDS?!?!?! That, my friends... THAT is gutsy, I don't mind telling you.

I stand before you, the proud coordinator of this meal.

Eat your heart out, Food Network.


manxlass said...

And what do you recommend with a Big Mac???

Ban ill eat, girl! said...

Gutsy would be fessing up *before* you had the two glasses of vino...

mrquizzical said...

That's my classy lady!

Chris said...

Attacking your blog via 'Matt's'. Now if you are looking for some great food, check out what's new at the MN State Fair this year. How can you pass this up? Sorry it is so long. Wonder how the Pig Lickers would go with that bottle of wine. :-)

Wondering what's on the menu at this year's Minnesota State Fair? Food officials are introducing Pig Lickers, Pickle Pops and Big Fat Bacon.

There was some hesitation about allowing something called Pig Lickers to be sold at the fair. But Charlie Torgerson, who co-owns several Famous Dave's Franchises, says the chocolate-covered bacon decorated with some sea salt is the best meat out there.

If you want the bacon but not the chocolate, you might try the Big Fat Bacon. It's one-third pound of bacon, fried and caramelized with maple syrup. It's served on a stick.

And a Pickle Pop? It's simply pickle juice frozen in a push-up sleeve. Fair vendor Preferred Pickle came up with the idea after years of serving deep-fried pickles on a stick.

The Minnesota State Fair runs August 21 to September 1.

Uncle Zeke said...

I'm a Thunderbird kinda guy, myself!

Look how popular your wine post is!! Holy cow, maybe I should start drinking!! Well, on top of the Thunderbird, that is...

Uncle Zeke said...

One other thing... I find you use the term "fish" VERY LOOSELY!! ;-)

Gabi said...

That absolutely cracks me up!!!!!

jeanine said...

Found your bog via Matt's a few weeks back! :)
Had to comment this time cuz that meal is just too much!! LOL
Here's to better meals to accompany that better deserving wine!! ((Cheers))

juanita said...

So you paired the 93 point grenache with a filet-o-fish? WTF do you pair with your steaks? :)

Inviting myself to dinner at your house soon,