Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

Well we Siegels enjoyed a happy and jam-packed Father's Day! We began bright and early with our now-traditional Father's Day brunch at local hilltop dining establishment The Odyssey. Then it was off to the Huntington Library, where we hoped to make good use of Dad's new digital SLR camera! We were not disappointed, as there was a veritable plethora of terrific photo ops. All of the pix below were taken with said awesome new camera.

If you haven't been to the Huntington lately, do make the trip. It now has a really stunning Chinese Garden and lagoon; a beautiful Children's Garden and Greenhouse; and the 2nd floor of the main house has been filled with art, china, silver and antiquities and is now open to the public.


Uncle Zeke said...

Wha...? A picture where The Boy ISN'T smiling?? Do I need to call DCFS and make a report??? ;-)

You will need to let me know how the wii Ski is! I'm lying awake sleepless, at night, excited for the forthcoming snowboarding game, incorporating the wii Balance board! Shaun *whatever* Snowboarding. Until that cupcake can learn to spell his name, I'm not going to learn HIS LAST NAME!!

That is all...

Anonymous said...

Hi K in the N!
Great pics from father's day!
Love your blog too :)
katie j, arrived here via M&M's blog

Kate said...

Thanks, Katie J! I was thrilled to hear from you, after the joykill stuff on Matt's blog today. ;-) Glad you checked in, come back anytime!

K in the N

katie j said...

I was a little rough, eh! I got called "creepy" for throwing out the idea of a get together. Geesh.
Come chat with us at our MN friends message board anytime! :)