Sunday, June 29, 2008

Over the River & Through the Woods...

(Over the 60 and thru the 909 is more like it...)

Yesterday, we took our monthly jaunt out to the Inland Empire (why on EARTH do they call it THAT?!?) to visit my mother-in-law. This time, we were visiting in honor of Grandma's 78th birthday, which is on July 3! Happy Birthday, Grandma!

I convinced the boys to make a quick stop at "Disneyland For Rednecks" (the cashier told me that's what it's called) in Rancho Cucamonga. I love this place. That's right, I'm a left-wing, Obama-lovin', anti-gun, fish-hatin' former sociology major, and I LOVE Outdoor World. What can I tell ya. I'm a contradiction wrapped in an oxymoron.

And this here is Grandma's house. She lives in a retirement community, which is good, cuz they keep an eye on her for us. She toodles around the park on her scooter with a bright orange flag on top.

One of our favorite things about visiting Grandma's is that they recently put in a PORTILLO'S! You Chicagoans know what I'm talkin' about! That's good eatin'! My spousal unit gets the Italian Beef, natch.

The second best thing about goin' to Grandma's is... WINCO! WinCo rocks. People drive outta there with tons of CEREAL cuz it's usually about $1.98 a box! And don't get me started on the canned goods -- OY!

That, my friends, sums up a typical visit to Grandma's house! I'm glad I could take you along on our journey this month.


manxlass said...

Good thing youse guys gots Portillos, 'cuz I forgot to remind ya about the great BBQ at Slim Pig'n's that's also out thataway!

Anonymous said...

I still have yet to go into WinCo, did you go in the one off the 71? Did you cruise thru Victoria Gardens too?

~C in the V

Uncle Zeke said...

Wow, you cats know how to PAAAAAARTEEEEE!! It's a good thing I live in Utah. My heart probably wouldn't keep pace with the crazee life of you Cali-forni-ans!! Now... it's time to go WORK OUT!! ;-)~

Wow, the secret code I have to type in reminds me of "The Squidbillies". Now, that's entertainment... and if you ain't watchin' it... then what kind of gun hatin', Obama lovin' redneck are ya'??

I'll banter gal said...

As you've documented, breaking it up into a variety of activities is the secret to a good visit. (as are gourmet onion rings!) :-D

Otero said...

This is SOL from ARGENTINA (just in case I am a SHE).
I will take the opportunity to let you know that I love ALL your comments...In my humble opinion your type of "humor" is healing or at least make you laugh and forget sadness at least for a minute/second. Besides that, Matt has already let us all know that he likes this "type" of humor and
that is why I said in Matt's blog that you DONT GIVE UP no matter what or who...I think that MATT really enjoy your comments!
Well, as I have already said my ENGLISH sucks! and this mail took, at least, 30 minutes to be done.... Just enough for today!
Have a nice day and the best HOLIDAYS!

p.s. Just between you and me ;), I'm a daily lurker of the MN board....I really envy you girls! Wish I could, someday, go to a CREEPFEST!!!... please even I am at the bottom of the continent, I would be GLAD to know that in some way I could help Matt and Maddie! If you think that in any way I could help just let me know (my email address is I'm exhausted! my brains are BURNING!!!! MAYBE is JILL's FUCKING FAULT!!! ;)

Jeanine said...

Hi Kate,
Yes you have the right Jeanine!! It tis I!! :)
Bass Pro Shop Rocks!! I have only gotten to go once while we were in Michigan, but we shop online with them often.

Sol's last sentence is hilarious, no one will relate unless they read Matt's bog!!! LOL

juanita said...

Oh, but isn't the Inland Empire majestic and imperial? If, by "majestic and imperial" you mean "the ingrown hair in the armpit of Southern California" ;)

The man and I have spent many an hour perusing the goods at Bass Pro Shops; you'd have to be a cynical mofo to not be impressed by the indoor stream.

j in the 951 (formerly the 909)

Sol said...

My dear Kate
Done it!
You have already had a DOT at the bottom of the continent!!!... But So sorry to inform that this dot must fail its geography exam and got an AWESOME C since I'm far away from SAN MIGUEL, la Pampa!!!-- Furthermore I'm going to find AT A MAP where the HELL SAN MIGUEL, La Pampa is!!!.
Anyway the dot is in ARGENTINA that is the point!-
Just for your information...
The name of the city where I live is LUJAN and the province (state) is BUENOS AIRES.
Have a nice day

rachel_in st paul said...

Kate --
I just happened on your blog from the Matt & Maddy page and you rock! Firstly, I love your irreverent (yet heartfelt and touching comments) for Matt. And I always remember your "man trifecta" comment (classic) and now I'm loving looking at all your pics, your family and pup -- and your excellent choice in wine!
Keep those comments coming!