Friday, June 6, 2008

MadDog gets another no-decision

So, my poor MadDog. This guy cannot get a win for nuthin'. He pitches his heart out game after game, and stays stuck at 350 wins (not a bad number to be "stuck" at, to be sure). The other night, against my Cubbies, he threw 69 PITCHES, people -- 47 of them, strikes -- and still gets a no-decision. I guess it's better than working that hard and having your team LOSE, which also happens to Greg alot this season.

I just really feel for him, that's all. He doesn't seem to care, which I guess is part of why I love him. (The humility, and the cheesy 'stash he used to sport -- see rookie baseball card at left.)

My only consolation the other night was that my Cubbies remain the team with THE BEST RECORD IN THE MAJORS. :-)


Relating Ball said...

Maddux puts the "art" in baseball (go with it :-D ). And yes, that humility whilst quietly racking up record after record is a rarity in the game. He doesn't make a lot of noise like some players, but his performance speaks volumes, ya might say (ok, maybe *you* wouldn't, but obviously, *I* would :-P )

Relating Ball said...

Another thing that strikes me about MadDog, is how much he seems to love the game. You get the feeling that even without his big salary, he'd be exactly the same kinda guy, take the same approach to his pitching. And not to worry, Miss Kate, no. 351 is only one win away! :-P