Tuesday, November 10, 2009

@kennyloggins !!!

People who've known me for a long time know that I AM A KENNY LOGGINS NUT. Do not be mocking the Ken-man in my presence. (This means YOU, Cole Stratton, Footloose riffer! HA!) I dragged my poor Kenny-indifferent husband to only one concert before I started just going to them by myself! I went to 4, before having my young'un and gaining... time constraints. ;-) But I had much fun at those shows. I would get a glass of wine, sit in my aisle seat near the stage, and let the waves of Ken waft over me. (Then I would leave and go to the loo during his bizarrely long rendition of Celebrate Me Home. Srsly! He just sings "celebrate, celebrate, celebrate me home" over and over like eleventy-million times! LOL)

ANYhoo, I was completely delighted when Kenny's tweet helper Michael decided I was worth a follow. (Kenny does tweet, but I'm pretty sure it was Michael who made the call to follow me.) Altho I do continue to be mystified as to why anyone follows me at all! ::shrugs::


Anonymous said...

I really like the bulk of Keny Loggins' work up to "High Adventure" which was the last Kenny album I bought. My two favortie Kenny songs "Lead The Way" from Caddyshack and "Only A Miracle" from the aforementioned High Adventure.

Oh, and the reason people follow you at all is cuz you bring the awesome !

AKA "Meesh" said...

I really need to start catching up on your blog posts. I love your writing!!