Monday, January 19, 2009

Laurel Canyon dog park

We've been getting kind of tired of our usual dog park, so we decided to try out a new one. There's one off Mulholland, near Laurel Canyon; seemed like that might be an interesting one to try.

First of all, it's quirky because of its location in the hills that separate Studio City and Hollywood. You know you're gonna get an interesting crowd, and we did. There was a fair amount of "industry chatter" going on around us, as well as interesting-looking dog owners. There was a guy there fingerpainting dog portraits, some of which were hung all around the park. This stuff alone made it feel more fun than our usual park in Reseda.

One interesting thing we noticed is that there was ALOT more dog poo in this park. I mean, stunningly so. It was downright gross in places. Not sure why this would be the case in Hollywood, and not in Reseda. We've heard the same is true in Runyon Canyon, which is also in the Hollywood Hills. (Undaunted, we'll try that one next.)

Still, Laurel Canyon park is a nice park, and we'll go back. There was even a little play area for kids!


Kate said...

There's a cool dog park in Austin that I always pass on my way into the city. It looks like so much fun!

darcie said...

Off leash dog parks are the best! Our dog prefers the people to the other dogs at the park though - anyone who'll give him a little pet or scratch is his new BFF! I cannot believe that there are no poo police there though!
Shame on them for not picking up their own dog poo!!

Kenna said...

I LOVE Puppy drinking from water!! PUPPEH!!!!