Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pre-b-day Dinner With My Boys

What can I say?! I like to stretch out my b-day festivities as loooooong as possible. So altho the actual date is the 30th, we're starting now! After kicking around several restaurant ideas, we settled on CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). It was a delightful meal, and I'm looking forward to several more as Tuesday approacheth! I had a lovely salad which did not photograph particularly well but which was covered in bacon, avocado, and ranch dressing -- 3 of my favorite things!

Next on the festivities agenda: the musical Wicked, performing tomorrow evening at the lovely Pantages Theatre in beautiful Hollywood, California!


Marissa said...


Just a heads up to stretching your birthday out as long as possible: do what I decided to do years ago. EVERYONE gets a birthday, why be like everyone else?! Adopt having a birthMONTH. November is my birthMONTH. Each weekend is devoted to celebrating MY birth and, in addition, I reserve the right to pull the birthMONTH card any time during the month I want to (ie, picking restaurants, etc). And, oh yes, I am most serious about this. ;)


Kate said...

We'll have to remember that for next year, Marissa!!

Sol from Argentina said...

What a BEAUTIFUL Family! and AMAZING way to celebrate b-day!