Sunday, September 7, 2008

The huntress... and her prey.

Kelsey ate one of my Williams-Sonoma kitchen towels yesterday.

It never knew what hit it.


Uncle Zeke said...

Time to take the dog for "the long drive"!


Uncle Zeke said...

Hello this is Mrs. the freak. So seriously.. do you want our dog? We have tried to get rid of our dog for a while. Hey, I finally, wit the help of Sean, figured out how to comment on your blog!! So, how do your like your hair? Do you like it straight or curly? I straightened my today, and it looked like a bunch of sticks. Like my hair was so damaged. My curls are out of control at times. And, my hair is frizy. How about you? Have you figured your hair out. Did you say yours was naturally curly as well? Looks like you are as crazy as I am:) I still do that thing with my hands over my eyes.. like sunglasses. I dont talk much about music. So, dont expect much from me in that area. Well, I know Fitness and health. Well, my Porn star.. He wishes.. is waiting for me, so better go. Talk to you soon

Kate said...

Hello Mrs. The Freak! How delightful to hear from you!

I like my hair requiring as little of me as possible. Sadly, that is not this cut! This cut does not look good wavy, which is how my hair wants to go! I am hating it and have decided to grow it back out. At least when it's longer, I can pull it all back off my face. Right now, I'm like putting it in hair clips everyday, which is nice when you're 42. It was always my dream to be 42 and buying HAIR CLIPS. For cryin' out loud!

Anyhoo, thanks for poppin' in! Do pop in anytime, won't you?! :-)