Saturday, May 22, 2010

Furlough Friday activities!

I'm fast runnin' out of Furlough Fridays to document! This one was the last one I'll be spending in which I enjoy Mommy Free Time, as the youngster is conveniently OFF during my next 2 scheduled Fridays off. This is both awesomely convenient, and a bit of a bummer. ;-)

Anyhoo, this past Furlough Friday, I was joined by Mr. Siegel. We started the day at The Boy's school awards ceremony, then headed up into the Hollywood Hills to check out Runyon Canyon. We've heard alot about it as a nice place to hike... plus it has an off-leash dog park within. So we thought we'd drag Kelsey up there and check it out.

It's rather unconventional as off-leash dog parks go. It's not fenced, so if you had, say, a crazy Siberian Husky you were particularly fond of, you would not want to bring him here. But our pup was fine and stayed pretty close while still enjoying the steep hillsides.

On the way out, we ran into Reese Witherspoon in the parking lot. In my effort to "look natural," I slammed my finger in the van door. #CelebrityEncounterFail

Hope you enjoyed your hike, Reese.

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manxlass said...

That looks like a gnarlier hike than I'd have thought. Good for you to tackle it, and the view pics are lovely.