Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday in Silver Lake

Today was a beautiful, 75-degree day in the SoCal, so the fam and I opted to head over the hill to Silver Lake, where there is very little silver to speak of, and no lake at all.

One of our favorite stops in this part of town is Wacko, a nutty book/gift/toy/tchotchke shop, with the often magnificent La Luz de Jesus art gallery in the back. Today we saw some extremely awesome stuff in the art gallery by a fellow named George Thomas. Ev procured some fine wax lips at the candy counter, while Dad selected a book for his collection.

After this foray, we bopped up the street to the Goodwill. This is a most excellent Goodwill. If I'd had more time, I easily could've found a ton of awesome tops! They have lots of stuff, beautifully organized.

As always, I documented some of the more curious finds for your viewing pleasure...

I always look forward to sharing our outings with you, Gentle Reader, so thanks for joining us here at The Mixed-up Files!

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Lori said...

I love the goodwill finds! awesome. glad you guys had a lovely day :-)