Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Simi Valley Dog Park!

After several weeks of threatening to do so, we finally got around to checking out the new Simi Valley dog park today! (No thanks to Google Maps... when you input the dog park address, you get a location which is very much NOT the dog park, thankyouverymuch! So, it took us half an hour longer than it should have, but we did eventually find it.)

The park is in a lovely location on the north end of the valley, and somewhat hilly, making it a little more interesting than the LA-city dog parks we frequent. Plus, it's new, so all the benches are pretty and clean. Our only quibble with it is that there is only one watering station; everytime Bri tried to give Kelsey water there, 5 dogs ran up for a drink. Timid pups like our Kelsey just back off when there are other dogs around, so it was a challenge to get her to drink. Other than that, tho, a good time was had by all... even The Boy, who does NOT like dog parks. ("They're BORING!" sez he.)

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