Sunday, May 17, 2009

Disney's California Adventure

Today, we went to California Adventure.

I dunno what to say about it, other than: "Good thing it was 'free'."

UPDATE: 5/18:

SHEESH! Note to self: Do not blog when depressed. It wasn't THAT bad! Just kinda crowded and annoying for the last couple hours of our visit. Pardon my drama.


davie said...

We went to Disneyland today and we're going back on Tuesday for our anniversary.

Cool pics!

Al-Most-Funny said...

It's a paradox (or at least, at times, a challange), is it not, being at the purported happiest place on earth, having to do battle with parking, crowds, expenses, grumpy kids, etc.? Kinda like Xmas mall shopping. ;-)

Bridget said...

I absolutely adore the pic of your soon enjoying his big soda. Its a great pic, you have a great eye!