Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wine for a lazy, warm Sunday afternoon

I went out to BevMo a little bit ago, feeling like I wanted a nice crisp white to sip in the backyard. It was so pretty outside today, and Mr. Siegel was making grilled burgers! So off I went. I found one of my favorite sauvignon blancs from long ago -- Raymond Reserve. This is a wonderful Napa sauvie, crisp and clean, with lots of minerally, grassy flavors. It was as nice as I remembered. I heartily recommend it!


Kate said...

Are you taunting me?

darcie said...

How cute are you? And so refined! I crack open a nice cold can of whatever I can find in the fridge - Miller Lite or Grape Crush! Sheesh - I'm gonna test out some of your recommendations ~ turn me into something a little more lady like!