Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Boy's pre-Birfday Celebrayshonz!

We're celebrating The Boy's b-day a day early, since we'll be at Disneyland all day tomorrow. (Like THAT's not a celebration?! OY!) Anyhoo, here are some shots of the festivities/gifts, and the cake.

The cake turned out to be problematic, as it had "yucky frosting" and was marbled inside (we thought it was chocolate). Again, I say, OY! As I type, Dad (a.k.a. "Dad of the Year") is making homemade frosting with which to decorate a replacement cake he found at Vons. ::shakes head in utter amazement::

Still, we had a fun day. I hope tomorrow goes well... (Just in case, please send good juju...)

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