Friday, March 26, 2010

Tour of Cool Valley Haunts, Episode 4: SIERRA'S!

I needed a central location for a Twitter date recently (thanks, Sheena!), and also required margaritas. Hmmmm... Where to go? I wanted somewhere Woodland-Hillsish. But I didn't feel like Sagebrush, or El Torito, or Acapulco...

Then I remembered Sierra's. We used to eat at Sierra's when I worked at Sebastian! It was yummy! Plus I was thinkin', Sierra's is technically a "cool old valley haunt" now, so I could do a blog post about it -- always a nice bonus. And so, here we are.

Sierra's was started by the same folks who started Mission tortillas! I did not know that 'til now. They also own the Mission Burrito restaurants. Sierra's opened in 1969 at the corner of Vanowen & Canoga.

My photos do not REMOTELY do it justice. The decor inside is just AWESOME. And the food is great! Stick-to-your-ribs mexican. Not to mention the steamiest fajitas I have EVER seen!

What are we waitin' for?! ¡Vamanos!


Miss K said...

I would like to become a ten trick wizard, please.

Canadian Bald Guy said...

LOVE the pics. The place looks pretty awesome, too.