Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tour of Cool Valley Haunts, Episode 3

I've been trying to visit some of the awesome "old Valley haunts" that surround me, before they're all gone, like the dearly departed Valley Ranch BBQ. I recently had the opportunity to go to 94th Aero Squadron, where I had not been since my 21st birthday! Do not ask me why I haven't been there; just haven't gotten round twit in 20-odd years I guess.

So, I was delighted to drive up and find it just as I remembered it. The restaurant has been beautifully maintained; the old biplane still sits out front, and the grounds are as lovely as ever. I was thrilled to find it looking so beautiful! I entered the establishment and found much the same thing. It does not look dated or run-down in any way. It is still completely charming, featuring the same wonderful view of the runway at Van Nuys airport and the same fabulous collection of aviation memorabilia.

As an added bonus, the food was delicious, and the service was excellent. My lovely companion Donna ordered a vodka gimlet, which was expertly prepared. Our food was nummy. So, BRAVO, 94th Aero Squadron! I'll be back, and it won't be any 20 years from now either!

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Canadian Bald Guy said...

LOVE the pictures. Well done. Now I'm hungry.