Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gym clothes? Check. Locker combo? Check. First day of middle school a rousing success? CHECKITY-CHECK-CHECK!

Another milestone, successfully passed.

Today, The Boy survived his first day of middle school. w00t!

Not only did he survive it, he seemed to ENJOY it as well. He likes EVERY teacher (that certainly wasn't the case for ME when I was in Jr. High! Mrs. Hamilton for math! BLERG!). I daresay, tho, he's most excited about his NEW LOCKER! And who wouldn't be?! Havin' a place to stow yer gear is certainly among the best things about middle school.

Thanks to all who (once again) sent good juju to my family on this momentous day! IT WORKED!

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gina said...

Glad to hear he liked his first day at Middle School. Lockers are fun! Especially now-a-days...with all those kool things you can buy to put in your locker...where was all that stuff when we were in middle school!!!