Saturday, September 12, 2009

Amoeba Music. Extremely Rad.

Today, we dragged The Boy over to Amoeba Music in Hollywood. We'd been there before, but this time I was snappin' pix to share with y'all!

This place is undoubtedly the most awesome music store, EVAR. Oh, sure. Rhino was cool, Moby Disc was cool, Licorice Pizza was somewhat cool (and had THE best name), Second Spin is STILL cool. But none of them could hold a candle to Amoeba. There's something amazing going on there... some kind of spirit that other stores just can't capture. I'm not just bein' corny! It's true!

Here's what it looks like on the outside. (I found this lovely photo on the 'net, with no credit given. Therefore I can't provide attribution. But it's a great pic!)

Here is a view of the store from the staircase that leads to the 2nd floor. This gives you a pretty good view of about 25% of the 1st floor. The place is GINORMOUS.

The second floor consists mostly of DVDs, with a smattering of video games, VHS tapes, and laserdiscs. They have the best selection of british television I've seen this side of the Thames.

LASERDISCS, people! LASERDISCS! All kinds! But seriously -- 'Black Like Me'?!?!? This is indicative of the types of obscure treasures you'll find at EVERY turn at Amoeba!

I took this snap of the Jazz Room especially for my friend Eric. Everyone else can look away. ;-)

But I think my favorite thing about Amoeba, curiously enough, are the POSTERS. The posters here are AMAZING. They cover just about every wall space, and range from stuff like Three's Company and Star Trek, to Jimi Hendrix and Guster. SO. SO. AWESOME.!!!

So, there you have it. My love letter to Amoeba. I hope they will be around for us to visit and patronize for a long, long time.
Do stop in if you should find yourself in the Hollywood/Berkeley/San Francisco areas.

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manxlass said...

No idea they had Brit TV. May have to go after all!