Friday, August 7, 2009

Celebrity Graving on Furlough Friday!

Those of you who've known me for a long time know that I was bitten by the "celebrity graving bug" a good 25 years ago. I'm telling you -- scoff if you must, but stand in front of Cecil B. DeMille's tomb (or Marilyn Monroe's, or Walt Disney's) and tell me it isn't the COOLEST. THING. EVAR.

So anyhoo, I wrangled a few of my peeps to go on an outing with me as an activity for our first Furlough Friday. Here, Kenna & Gin say ::likes this:: as they ride in the back of my Land Yacht!

Our first stop was Hillside Memorial Park, the Jewish cemetery off the 405 & Howard Hughes Pkwy -- the one where you can see the waterfall from the freeway. This is an absolutely GORGEOUS cemetery, full of fabulous luminaries (including Al Jolson, whose crypt beneath the dome at the top of the waterfall is the centerpiece of the cemetery). But our main purpose in coming down here was so that my Bonanza-fan peep Donna could visit Ben & Little Joe Cartwright, both of whom are laid to rest here!

Please enjoy these awesome snaps from our visit there.

Next, we moved on to Holy Cross Cemetery, the big Catholic cemetery in Culver City. There are 9-kajillion famous people here. I must've been gettin' tired cuz I didn't hardly photograph any of 'em. But here are a few snaps... including John Candy, who is located just 2 crypts above Fred MacMurray.

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Marissa said...


i dont even know some of the celebs you listed pics of but i do love me some cemeteries -- they are just so fascinating, mysterious and beautiful!