Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Boy's 11-year Checkup

The Ev just had his checkup!

Thought I'd provide y'all with his vitals, which I haven't done since he was a young'un.

So, let's see... He weighed in at a strapping 74 lbs. His height is just a smidge under 5 ft. His hearing is perfect; his vision is 20/20. The doc was pleased to hear that he had straight A's in school and only missed 2 days of class.

Yup, he's healthy as a horse. Kenahora.

I continue to haz BIG-TIME proudz of my boy. :-)

Oh, and for those of you who may have missed this newsflash: he is not going to the local public middle school this year. We're keeping him with Pinecrest for at least one more year; he's just moving to a different campus.

I shall update y'all on his progress thru middle school, natch!

(Photo by Gina Lee)

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Uncle Zeke said...

Shoot.... I was hopin' there was a photo of The Boy singin' "Moon River". No such luck.