Sunday, July 26, 2009

Planes of Fame Museum!

After many years of not getting around to it, the fam & I finally visited the Planes of Fame Museum at Chino Airport!

This is a wonderful old place, consisting of several hangars full of old planes, mostly warbirds. Many are being worked on at any given moment; the smell of oil and/or jet fuel hangs in the air (especially on a 100-degree day, as it was during our visit). There are lots of helpful volunteer docents walking around, eager to share their knowledge of the planes with you (but not annoyingly so).

In the front of the museum (but not pictured here -- DUH, Katerz!) is an old Flying Fortress (B-17 bomber) they're working on restoring. So, so, SO awesome!

I worry what will happen to places like this when all the WWII vets have gone to that great mess hall in the sky...


Lori said...

love the pics! especially the pin-up ;p

Renee said...

That looks amazing!