Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And so... it begins.

It begins innocently enough.

A mocha here, a latte there... maybe a Frappuccino® on a hot day.

Some days, you're just DRAGGIN'. You consider The Big Daddy, The Path From Which There Is No Return, The Walk On The Wild Side: the Quad Shot. But, you resist.

Years pass.

Then one morning, there you are, and the words are coming out of your mouth before you can even stop them. "Make it a quad. WITH whip." Your trusty barista Alison gets that look in her eye, that look that sez, "Ahhhh, yes. I've seen THIS before." Is there a tinge of sadness in Alison's eyes as she watches you slide down that slippery slope? Or was it a kind of twisted satisfaction, seeing you come over to the dark side, where she herself dwells?

See ya tomorrow, Alison! w00t! BWAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA!

1 comment:

Bridget said...

i've never ventured to a quad, just an extra shot here and there.

What's your typical drink? I can't read ALL of the SB's limbo. Venti Mocha Xtra whip with 4 shots?