Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Madeline is ONE today!

Happy birthday, sweet Maddy Logelin! Or should I say... Feliz cumpleaños, since you are en El Méjico.

It's been lovely getting to know you and your papa this past year.

But now, I must go to your Daddy's blog and look at all your pretty pictures! And after that I'm gonna pop in over at your mama's Foundation and donate $24 in your honor. xoxoxoxoxo!


aimee said...

she looks like a toddler now, and less like a baby!! still beautiful no matter what!

nancy said...

nicely done, K8!

Michellej. said...

So Rad...all of it. You, Matt, Maddy, the $24 donation...so great!

Kate said...

Jeepers, thanks, Michelle J!

JennKinNC said...

Love this!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Maddie!!

Thanks for the posting pictures of the birthday girl Kate! :)