Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009 World Figure Skating Championships

On Saturday evening, I attended the World Figure Skating Championships at Staples Center. My peeps D-Mo & J-Mo invited me to tag along with them, as they'd been before and knew how cool it was. (Get it??? "Cool"??? BWAHHAHAHAHAHA!) We saw the ladies' free skate.

ANYhoo, it was indeed SUPER cool. Very interesting to see such a wide range of skaters; you learn pretty quick what the difference is between a good skater and a great skater! One of the big differences is... the severity of the falls. The lower-ranked ladies REALLY ate the ice when they fell. One gal, Candice Didier of France, fell, slid clear across the ice and hit the boards FULL-ON. That was scary. The crowd went wild when she returned to the ice, just a few minutes after being helped off, in order to finish her program!

Yu-Na Kim of Korea took the gold medal quite handily, leaving everyone else in her ice-dust.

This crazy monkey jumped in front of my camera!

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