Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Siegels are in Chicago!

Here are the boys upon arrival at O'Hare!

Me and The Boy outside the Art Institute.

Kate with the Millenium Park statue known as "The Bean".

And finally, here is a bizarre treasure I spotted at the Art Institute.

Tomorrow, we're hoping to go on a jaunt up to Wisconsin for some awesome cheese!


Lindsay said...

You look great in your winter gear!! :) Tomorrow please continue a bit more north and west toward the Mpls. . . I'll have a warm house and lots of wine waiting for you- it'll go great with all that 'Sconny cheese you're gonna buy! <3

xoxo Linds

Sol from Argentina said...

brrrrrr!!!!...It seems that you are starting to feel THE WINTER!!!


Wishing you and the family THE nicest thanksgiving week!

Besos y abrazos

aimee said...

yay wisconsin!!! i'm in milwaukee. it's been snowing since 4am. drive safe!

Chris said...

don't you look at saucy in your winter gear! have a great trip!!!


darcie said...

um...going to wisconsin and not making the rest of the trip to the mn?? *gasp*

DonnaL said...

What is odd about a lady riding a rooster? Is there some double-entendre I'm missing? [naughty wink-wink, followed by a scandalous nudge-nudge]