Saturday, November 8, 2008

Galco's Soda Pop Stop

For years and years (like, I dunno -- maybe 20?) we've been meaning to go to this funky store that's about 40 minutes from here in an L.A. enclave known as Highland Park. It's a family-owned market which over the years has morphed from a grocery store, into a specialty soda-pop store! Yes, that's right, it's a store full of soda pop! You'll also find beer, wine, and candy here, as well as a little sandwich counter in the back. You may have seen this place featured on Huell Howser's show, or on the Food Network. In fact, it's even got a little mention in this month's Sunset magazine! Anyhoo, we popped in there today and bought a ton of bizarre sodas and some nostalgic candies (like Mallo Cups, wax lips, Zotz, and candy cigarettes).

Please enjoy the following photo documentation! And by all means, if you're ever in the area, do stop in at 5702 York Blvd.


Uncle Zeke said...

So... inquiring minds have just gotta know...was that Apple Beer REAL Apple BEER, or was it that tasty Utah original, APPLE BEER soda?? I LOVE that stuff. One of my fondest memories of my short time in college, was going to the 7-11 on the way home from school, and having the old lady ask for my I.D. when purchasing a can of Apple Beer!!

Ummm... it's SODA!!

Good times.
But NOT as good o' times as your day in that wacky store.

Julia said...

That place looks fun. Too bad it's so far from the Valley, because I'd take my friends there and we'd go wild.

Marissa said...

i'd totally have a great time in that store!! enjoy your new goodies!!

Kate said...

Green Rover Soda!!! I never see that unless it's St. Patty's Day in Chicago!