Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lunch at a cemetery?! I'm SO there!

Today, I went over to Westwood to have lunch with my delicious girlfriend Jessica. We decided to meet at the cemetery that's just off Wilshire. Most people don't even realize it's there! Jessica brought us some yummy Thai food and we sat on a bench in the shade.

I made sure to get a pic of Jessica with the cemetery's most well-known occupant.

I was especially happy to see that Don Knotts has gotten a new grave marker! It's gorgeous! For comparison, I've included a photo of Mr. Siegel with Don's previous marker -- that photo was taken in 2009.

I love Jessica. I love cemeteries. I love beautiful southern California days. I love Thai food.

So, I guess it goes without saying that I loved today. :-D


Jessica said...

That was tons of fun! I still think it's weird that people kiss Marilyn's grave marker, though.

Virginia said...

This looks like a perfect Kate day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

PS I'd totally kiss Marilyn's grave marker.