Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zinfandel Cranberries

I only make one thing at Thanksgiving: Cranberries.

This is from a recipe we encountered years ago in Bon Appetit magazine. Basically, you make a mulled syrup with red zinfandel wine, sugars, and spices, then cook the cranberries in that.


Brian makes everything else. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! xoxoxoox

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Virginia said...

I try to remember to do a turkey breast and some new sides in February - because Thanksgiving would be better without all the PRESSURE, you know? I love the food so much, we should have it more than once a year.

Anyhoo - this is going on my list for Second Thanksgiving.

PS - Captcha: larshwat
[swaying] "who're YOU calling a larsh? WAT?!"