Sunday, February 7, 2010

They. Might. Be. GIANTS. !!!

As y'all know, Mr. Siegel and I don't get out real often.

But when I heard that They Might Be Giants were coming back to town this month, I really wanted us to be able to go. Mr. Siegel LOVES the Giants! And I like 'em too! Altho we loved the "Kid's Show" we took Ev to in November at Royce Hall, we thought it'd be nice to go to a big-people show. The show was last night at the Largo at the Coronet. Evan's Auntie Kathie was kind enough to come all the way up from San Diego (in the torrential rain) to babysit!

Ev took our picture before we left.

The Largo is in the old Coronet Theatre, at LaCienega & Oakwood. Also at this corner is a store called Trashy Lingerie, which has a captivating window display. This is good cuz it entertains you while you stand in line waiting to pick up your tickets.

After retrieving our tickets, we decided to go find some dinner while we waited for showtime. Mr. Siegel found a cute little Italian place called Pane e Vino that was within walking distance of the theatre.

I ordered the lovely capellini pomodoro, but they had a kasquillion beautiful things on their menu... I would for sure love to go back and try one of their other dishes, and maybe a fabu dessert!

After dinner, we bopped around the Beverly Center for a bit... We haven't been there since before The Ev was born!

And then, it was time to return to the theatre and take our seats. Did I mention we were 6 rows back from the stage?! Pretty awesome seats. I think a high-school gymnasium is bigger than this place! Made for a fantastic show, as you will learn if you go to the TMBG wiki to read Mr. Siegel's (a.k.a. MrQuizzical's) review. (Don't miss the amazing setlist, in the right-hand column of the reviews page.)

We will definitely go back to the Largo at the Coronet!


Jessica said...

We used to order stuff from Trashy when we had our punk store! I love their stuff!

Virginia Corbett said...

I'm SO glad you were feeling well enough to go!

Uncle Zeke said...

They played my song! I am sooooooo happy. Oh, and your new masthead looks pretty sweet. No... TOOTsweet. It took a few seconds to upload, and I thought it was the same old one... I was wrong. Well done, my lady friend.